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Menyee Lai in Series 2 of Lovely Little Farm on Apple TV+

North of Watford client Menyee Lai features as Gwen in series two of the Apple TV+ series Lovely Little Farm.

Lovely Little Farm follows sisters Jill and Jacky as they love and nurture all the animals on their farm nestled in lavender fields.

Being a young farmer isn’t easy, but every day brings these sisters adventure and a chance to grow.

The live-action animated hybrid uses the latest computer-generated technology to bring series two to life.

The series will premiere from June 16th, 2023



It’s the rare kids’ show that manages to nail the cozy and comforting vibe while remaining interesting, but Lovely Little Farm does that and more. Featuring an adorably charismatic crew of animated and talking animals, this is the kind of show parents wish there was an endless supply of. With the special effects studio behind Star Wars at the helm, the production value is extremely high, and the sprinkling of magical realism feels just right. This is a cozy cup of tea of a show you’ll want to indulge in again and again. More