North of Watford

Lisa Allen cast in second series of Sister Boniface Mysteries

North of Watford client Lisa Allen makes a guest appearance as Irene in the new series of Sister Boniface Mysteries for BBC Drama Productions, commissioned by BritBox North America.

“Sister Boniface is back in the habit, returning as the Great Slaughter Constabulary’s crime-solving secret weapon. Countryside criminals should start saying their Hail Marys, as Boniface’s faith in forensics is only rivaled by her passion for investigation.” More from the BBC


Lorna Watson plays the 1950s nun trundling around rural England with her moped and sidecar, solving murders in this spin-off from BBC1’s Father Brown. Killers strike at the village fete, and detectives toast crumpets over a Bunsen burner, while our saintly investigator is in the darkroom developing photographs of all the clues. It’s as if Enid Blyton had turned her hand to writing Agatha Christies – well worth sniffing out. More


Detective dramas are ten-a-penny these days, so it takes a real twist in the tale to make a crime-solving show with a difference. Well, Father Brown writer Jude Tindall has done just that with Sister Boniface Mysteries. As far as casts go, this new crime series boasts a line-up with some pretty impressive CVs. More